Charlottesville Partners is an economics consulting firm located in Charlottesville Virginia. We base our approach on fundamental principles of economics that yield defensible results. We excel at problem-solving and enjoy interacting closely with clients throughout our engagements. We are an expert-only litigation boutique, whose small size allows us to provide our services in a a cost-efficient manner with minimal risk of conflicts.


Michael J. Moore

An economist, professor and consultant, Michael Moore provides litigation and consulting services in the areas of antitrust, consumer fraud, torts, and policy analysis, among others. Professor Moore is currently on the faculty of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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Paul F. Charnetzki

CPA Paul Charnetzki provides litigation and consulting services in the areas of forensic accounting, valuation and commercial damages. He has extensive experience in telecommunications, public utilities, financial instruments and white collar crime.

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Practice Areas

We provide litigation support – class certification, damages, liability, and impact – in all of our practice areas: antitrust, forensic accounting, breach of contract and business torts, medical malpractice and personal injury, and econometric consulting.


Allegations of anticompetitive conduct rely heavily on economic evidence. We have extensive experience providing such evidence at all stages of the litigation process in cases involving allegations of both unilateral and coordinated anticompetitive conduct.

Forensic Accounting

Allegations of fraudulent conduct involve necessarily hidden behaviors. We have deep knowledge of the proper uses of accounting data for explaining how transactions should have been reported in the absence of fraudulent conduct, in contrasting them with how they were presented, and in using these comparisons to identify potentially fraudulent behaviors.

Econometric Consulting

We have extensive capabilities in econometric modeling, with virtually unlimited capacity to handle large datasets and complicated statistical problems to test allegations about conduct, and to evaluate actual or proposed strategies, market interventions, or other policies

Breach of Contract & Business Torts

We are experienced in quantifying damages to an entity using widely-used approaches for measuring changes in operations or valuations. In consumer class actions involving, for example, breach of warranty or product design defects, we have extensive experience quantifying common and individualized components of impact and damages and aiding in determinations of whether common impact thresholds have been met.

Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury

Estimating damages from lost earnings capacity and medical costs due to tort-related injuries can present vexing issues. What are potential lost earnings for someone who was not working? What is the role of non-pecuniary costs in damages assessment, and how reliable are the methods for assessing these? Our published research has made fundamental contributions to the economics and legal literatures on the incentive effects of tort rules and on the valuation of health and health losses. We have consulted extensively with state agencies and governors’ commissions on tort reform in medical malpractice and workers’ compensation, and have testified on tort reform before the U.S. Congress.

Our Thinking

Intellectual product is the core of our firm. We publish original research findings in peer-reviewed academic journals, write white papers, technical notes, and cases for our audiences (attorneys, clients, and students), and circulate working paper versions of ongoing research for comment and review. The primary source of virtually all of our IP is our work in the regulatory policy and litigation arenas.