Common Sense and Simplicity

The core of price theory hasn’t changed appreciably since the publication of Marshall’s Principles of Economics in the 19th century. A wide range of economic problems share the same basic structure developed by Marshall, using the tools of supply and demand and the assumptions of purposeful behavior and equilibrium. Adherence to these proven principles provides reliable conclusions that stand the test of time.


Engaged and Involved Experts

Charlottesville Partners operates with two experts and no staff, enabling us to be cost-efficient, selective in our choice of cases, and largely conflict-free. We sub-contract with leading consulting firms as needed. We are actively involved in our cases and enjoy working closely with law firm attorneys and in-house counsel throughout the course of any engagement.


Relationships and Trust

We like working on interesting cases with interesting people, and have been very fortunate in this regard over the years. Developing mutual trust and respect and working together under extreme pressure turns with lawyers, clients, and other consultants turns out to be — process-wise— one of the most rewarding things about our job.