Michael J. Moore


PhD, Economics, 1984
MA, Economics, 1982

MBA, 1978

BS, 1975

Curriculum Vitae


(312) 925-3315 | mjmoore@cvillepartners.com

Michael Moore is an economist, with degrees from Boston College (BS), Babson College (MBA), and the University of Michigan (MA, PhD). He publishes widely in applied microeconomics and testifies extensively in antitrust and consumer fraud litigation with an emphasis on class certification defenses, damages estimation, and on economic proofs of cartel participation. His testifying and consulting engagements include NFL v Brady & NFLPA, Air Cargo Fuel Surcharges Antitrust, DHL v United Continental Holdings Antitrust, State and City of New York v FedEx Ground, TFT-LCD Antitrust, Neuser vs. Carrier, Inc., in re Capacitors Antitrust, eBay Sellers Antitrust, Sun Microsystems, et al. v Hynix Semiconductor Antitrust, Brock v Honeywell, and Costco v Hoen, among others. His research on intellectual property protection has been presented at academic institutions such as the University of Chicago and Duke University and to the Federal Trade Commission. He has consulted with state agencies and governors’ commissions on tort reform and has presented his findings on the incentive effects of tort rules to the U.S. Congress and to leading economics departments, law, and business schools. Moore also provides econometric consulting services to pharmaceutical and financial services companies. His non-litigation clients have included GSK Pharmaceuticals, GE Capital, and Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals, among others.

Professor Moore was the winner (with Philip Cook) of the inaugural Kenneth Arrow Award in Health Economics and the Kulp-Wright Award (with Kip Viscusi) for best book in Risk and Insurance. Over almost forty years in academia, he has served (most recently) on the faculty at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management) and the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He has also served at Duke University (Fuqua School of Business, Sanford Institute, and the Center for Aging/Duke Medical Center), Yale University (Jackson Institute, School of Public Health/Yale Medical Center, and the School of Management), and the University of Virginia (Darden School of Business, Economics, Law, UVA Medical Center, and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy). His principal appointment at UVA was as the Bank of America Research Professor in the Darden School of Business. He was an Olin Fellow in Law and Economics at the University of Chicago and is a Batten Fellow at UVA’s Darden School of Business. Moore has held visiting appointments at several additional universities, including the University of Chicago, INSEAD, UC-Santa Barbara, and the University of Georgia.


Foundations of Experience: Teaching, Research, and Consulting

Prof. Moore explains why teaching, research and consulting are highly complementary.

Science, Simplicity and Deflategate

Prof. Moore recounts his experience working on behalf of Tom Brady and the National Football Players Association as a statistical consultant in the Deflategate case. The analysis developed in this case is a textbook example of the power of simplicity and science.

Teaching at a Moment in History: The Soviet Managers Program

Teaching economics to Soviet managers at the fall of the Soviet Union stands out among a lifetime of memorable teaching experiences. Prof. Moore shares his experiences teaching economics in the Soviet Managers’ Program at Duke University.